Saturday, November 5, 2011

Avengers Academy #21

I'm beginning to get the sense of desperation out of Avengers Academy.

This is mostly because of the "1st Issue" plastered (tongue in cheek, I hope) next to the actual issue number, with the subtitle "...of a new era."

Following the destruction of the team's headquarters during Fear Itself, they've relocated to the old Avengers West Coast compound in California (which is actually a good idea - lots of opportunities for creative locations for battles, secret missions, and so forth).

But writer Christos Gage has decided to expand the cast from the original six to - well, quite a few more, as the Academy adds many more super-powered teens to its ranks.

That would be fine if we actually met more of them, but instead we get crowd scenes and very few introductions. Perhaps they plan to introduce the characters slowly over time.

The focus is still on the original team, but here they act - well, like children. It's annoying and does not make any of them any more interesting or sympathetic.

The story is salvaged by a few touching scenes and some nice art by Sean Chen - and especially by the big twist on the last page.

I have to admit, I was about to drop this title - in recent months it has been leaning toward becoming a generic young hero title - but the twist has sold me on hanging around for a bit longer to see where it goes.

I think the comic is a great concept, but please, give us a little less angst and some heroes I can cheer for.

Grade: B


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