Friday, November 4, 2011

Action Comics #3

This continues to be one of my favorite titles and the best of the "New 52."

This issue is a bit odd as we get a closer look at the Clark Kent side of the equation. In fact, Superman is only a very small part of things as the focus shifts to a mysterious menace in the sky.

More importantly, we get a look at events on Krypton when Superman was a baby. This sequence benefits from (I think) Gene Ha's pencils, while Rags Morales keeps up his excellent work elsewhere.

But even more impressive is the script by Grant Morrison, who manages to keep numerous story vignettes up in the air at all times. The story is clever yet easy to follow.

The comic really gives Superman a fresh "feel" to the adventures - this feels like a new character, not one laboring undr 75 years of continuity.

Great comic, terrific art - you should be buying this comic!

Grade: A-

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