Thursday, November 3, 2011

Uncanny X-Men #1

So, as you can see, I decided to give the new version of the Uncanny X-Men a try.

I figured it was only fair to give the new title a few issues as a try-out, just as I tried to do with several issues in DC's "New 52."

And based on the first issue, this title is on rocky ground.

The problem isn't so much Kieron Gillen's story. It focuses on the restructured team, gives it a slightly different focus and then sends it up against a serious opponent - the reminted version of Mr. Sinister.

No, the problem is that I'm not crazy about the lineup of the team. The team just barely avoids being the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The lineup is led by Cyclops (who's been acting somewhat dictatorial lately) and includes Magneto, Namor, Emma Frost, Danger, Magik, Storm, Colossus and Hope.

As the story points out, most of those have been cast as villains more than once in the past. It makes it difficult to be sympathetic to the team, although Storm and Hope do help a bit.

Still, it is a powerhouse team, one that is at least in the class of the Avengers.

The art by Carlos Pacheco and Cam Smith is good, but isn't quite up to their usual standards for reasons I can't quite seem to identify. Perhaps they had to rush to finish this one in time? No idea, but it just feels a little... thin.

The shock ending doesn't really work, either - it frankly seems to be lifted from a Silver Age Superman story.

So a rough start, and the clock is ticking on this series. Hopefully the next issue will be a bit more coherent.

Grade: B-


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