Monday, October 31, 2011

FF #11

Happy Halloween, everyone!

It's not unusual for the creative team on the Fantastic Four to go to the stock supporting characters and villains, but few (if any) have done so in as many creative and unexpected ways as writer Jonathan Hickman.

His latest story has been winding its way through the Human Torch-less FF and is reaching its climax with next month's Fantastic Four #600.

He's using some of the book's classic characters in unusual ways - for instance, the Inhumans have been retooled, the Kree are back in a big way, and the Earth is facing deadly threats from several different angles. Oh, and there's still no sign that Johnny Storm is still alive (wink, wink).

The main criticism of Hickman's series is that you can't just pick up an issue anywhere and follow along - and that's true. But if you have been following, you've been treated to a big story that never forgets the heart at the core of the FF family.

The art by Barry Kitson (and a small army of inkers) is outstanding, and he gets to draw a few mind-blowing events in this issue.

The series is highly recommended, especially to those who've been around long enough to know the characters involved. They're in very good hands here.

Grade: A-


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Bobby Nash said...

I am loving Hickman's run on FF. This has been good stuff.