Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breed III #6

As a long-time fan of writer and artist Jim Starlin (dating back to his first story in Iron Man), I've been enjoying the latest chapter in the 'Breed series.

It's the culmination of years of stories as the invasion of Earth by a vast army of incredibly powerful Demons is about to take place.

Ray Stoner, a military soldier who is also half demon (or a 'Breed) has sworn to stop them, and believes he has discovered the Prodigal who can save the Earth - but it looks like the discovery has been too late.

Now he stands against the invasion with a ragtag group of powerful allies hastily gathered for the fight - but the list of characters will make any longtime fan smile.

It includes some of Starlin's greatest independent comics creations, including one of my favorites, Vanth Dreadstar, along with Darklon the Mystic, Oedi the Catman, The Wayfarer, Wyrd the Mystic Warrior, D'Jinn the Gargoyle and Kid Kosmos (and if you recognize all of them, you are a serious fan)!

The reasoning behind the gathering is just a thin excuse for bringing them all together - but hey, it works for me! It's a blast to see these characters back in action, even if it's all just marking time for the final plot twist and the preparation for the final confrontation next issue.

There's a good reason why Starlin has such a loyal following - his stories are hard-hitting, sharp and entertaining, and his art is loaded with energy and creativity. He hasn't lost a step, and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here.

And I for one would love to see more appearances by any or all of the guest stars in this issue!

Grade: A-


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Anonymous said...

Being a fan of Starlin since Infinity War (I started reading comics during that time), I am also really enjoying this series. I was really surprised to see all of Starlin creation's appearing in 'Breed. It's really fun to see all of them!

Go Starlin! More Dreadstar stories!