Sunday, October 30, 2011

Secret Avengers #18

Do remember the work Warren Ellis did on Planetary, as a small group of operatives tackled some amazing "Fringe Science" threats to the universe?

Well, he's doing it again in the pages of Secret Avengers.

The last three issues have each been "done-in-one" adventures wherein a small group of heroes, led by Steve Rogers (in his Super Soldier guise), have tackled some amazing threats to our world.

Each one has been intelligent, cutting-edge and extremely entertaining.

This time around he uses one of my favorite characters, Shang-Chi, to great effect, as the team invades a space station (of sorts) where guns can't be used. Sharon Carter also gets a chance to shine here.

The art is outstanding, as David Aja and Raul Allen create an environment that almost hurts to look at, as the laws of physics bend. The action is well-staged and brutal in its execution, and it's great to see Shang-Chi going all "Bruce Lee" on the bad guys (though it's a bit graphic in places).

Oh, and speaking of Planetary, the cover by the artist of that series, John Cassaday, is amazing.

The comic is smart, fast and sharp as can be. Highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of Ellis' work on Planetary.

More like this, please.

Grade: A


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