Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Avengers #12.1

I've been (mostly) skipping the "Point One" issues Marvel has been producing.

The idea behind the issues is to provide background on the star of the title and to give readers a good "jumping on" place.

Since I've been around practically since the beginning of the Marvel Age, I don't feel the need to cover that ground again.

But I made an exception for this issue of The Avengers, mostly because it was penciled by Bryan Hitch. He's one of the top artists in the industry right now, thanks to his dynamic, amazingly detailed work.

Here he lives up to his own reputation as he draws an issue loaded with almost every Avenger, a small army of super-villains, and lots of hoo-hah type action.

Writer Brian Bendis also lives up to his reputation, with a story that's loaded with great dialogue, over the top action and a great setup for the next big Avengers event.

Any more discussion would give away too much, but if you're an Avengers fan, don't skip this one just because it has a ".1" at the end.

Grade: A

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