Sunday, May 1, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9

The War of the Green Lanterns continues with our four lead characters - Hal Jordan, Guy Gardener, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner - out of uniform.

The villain Krona has taken control of the Central Power Battery and (somehow) this gives him mental control over all the Green Lantern Corps - except for the four former GLs listed above.

Just to keep things colorful, each one is using one of the rings from the other Lantern Corps - Hal has a yellow ring, Guy's is red, John's is indigo and Kyle's is blue.

The warning to any new reader is that this issue is part six in a (I believe) 10-part series, so if you jump in here you're landing in the middle.

The whole event is certainly big, as our heroes have to face virtually the full power of the Corps, plus Krona - but it all seems to be playing out very slowly. Still, there are a few interesting twists here, and we get a glimpse at a few of the secrets of the Guardians.

The art by Fernando Pasarin is quite good, although the primary colors get to be a bit overwhelming at times.

I'll be sticking with this series - it's going to be interesting to see how our heroes survive, much less defeat Krona. But I have to admit, I hope they take a break from the multi-colored Lanterns stories for a while - the heroes are getting lost in the rainbow.

Grade: B+

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