Friday, April 29, 2011

The Mighty Thor #1

I've been a fan of The Mighty Thor practically since the beginning (the first issue I bought was actually Journey Into Mystery #100).

So I'm glad to see the character get some much-deserved attention. His film opens in a week (and word is that it's very good), he stars in several comics from Marvel, and now he has a new first issue.

The art is fantastic! Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales are back on the title, and the art is lush and exotic. I could quibble that a few of the pages are hard to read - should I go to the panel on the right next or the one below it? But those are minor problems.

The big problem is the story, which takes us in several directions at once - from a psychedelic journey to the heart of the World Tree; to the other side of the universe, where Galactus is destroying a world; to a small church where a preacher talks about living next to a city of gods.

It's all very thoughtful and interesting and out there - but it seems like a poor introduction to the character for those readers who (unlike me) haven't been around since the get-go.

Hopefully next issue Thor will actually get to take center stage in his own comic.

But I do love the art!

Grade: B+

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