Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Lantern #64

While Green Lantern has thrived during writer Geoff John's run on the title, in recent months the whole thing has been rather muddled.

That's mostly because Hal Jordan was becoming a secondary character in his own title. With all the multi-colored Lanterns hanging around and dealing with different mysteries and menaces, it was hard to keep a focus on GL.

Thankfully, this issue shakes things up and brings the story into sharp focus, and GL is at the heart of it. It also kicks off the next big mega-event, although instead of being a mini-series, it looks like this one will be contained in the GL "Family" titles - Green Lantern Corps, Emerald Warriors and this title (natch).

Here we finally begin the long-promised "War of the Green Lanterns," but there are quite a few surprising events along the way.

At the heart of the menace is GL's most powerful foe, the rogue Guardian named Krona. In the span of this issue he manages to shake up the status quo, eliminate GL's allies and create a universe-shaking menace.

It's an impressive turn of events and it pays off the methodical work by Johns of putting all the pieces into place.

The art is terrific as always, as Doug Mahnke creates stunning splash pages and terrific fight sequences. He's rapidly becoming one of my favorite artists, as he turns in strong work every month right on schedule.

If you haven't been following Green Lantern this might be a tough jumping-on point - there's a lot going on here, and quite a few characters to sort out.

But the story promises to be an epic one, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Grade: A-


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