Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man #156

Nothing against the fine artists who tackled Ultimate Spider-Man after his epic run on the title, but I'm thrilled to see Mark Bagley back on the art for this comic.

The series continues to move toward the "Death of Spider-Man," and this issue moves all the pieces in place for that to happen.

The last few issues of this title have been all about Peter Parker getting his life back together. He's once again dating Mary Jane (which is as it should be), his circle of friends is supportive, and he's being trained by members of the Ultimates.

This issue, he faces training from Captain America, and it's an interesting contrast between two polar opposites - but unfortunately, we don't see much of this.

Instead, shocking events occur that promise lots of pain for Spider-Man, as (for the umpteenth time) his most dangerous foes escape from the Triskelion (SHIELD headquarters).

It's all setting up next issue's deadly confrontation, but the real treat here is Bagley's work - he brings such a fresh energy to the title (which is funny, since he drew more than 100 issues on his last run). His layouts are dynamic, his characters individualistic, and his action scenes really pop.

Great to have him back. Now, the question is: how much longer will (Ultimate) Spider-Man be hanging around?

Grade: A-


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