Friday, March 25, 2011

FF #1

This issue is supposedly a new beginning, but to be honest it feels like more of the same - just with new costumes.

But don't think that's a criticism - in the case of FF, it's a compliment, considering what came before was an original and outstanding run on of the Fantastic Four.

Here we see the team and its extended family picking up the pieces after the (apparent) death of the Human Torch. The first order of business is lining up his replacement - Spider-Man, who obviously wasn't busy enough in his own comics and as a member of both the Avengers and the New Avengers (only Wolverine has a more hectic schedule).

The issue, written by Jonathan Hickman, gives us a quick overview of the new setup and launches right into a new adventure, as a classic villain makes his move. We meet the primary members of the Future Foundation - Reed, Ben, Sue and (now) Peter - and their support, made up of a diverse group of characters. The most surprising addition is saved for the last page (which I won't spoil here, of course).

The artwork by Steve Epting is outstanding, although I'm still warming to the new black-and-white suits (although I actually prefer the black version to the white one). I also like the graphic design of the groups' new logo, although I have to admit I'm not sure what it represents.

Spider-Man seems like a good fit for the team, as he takes up the smart-alec end of things - but shouldn't one member of the team be able to fly?

At any rate, it's a good beginning for a series that has some big stories bubbling just below the surface. The Fantastic Four has been a "must-buy" for the last few years, and this comic continues that tradition with ease.

Grade: A



Bobby Nash said...

I really enjoyed this issue. I also agree that the black version of the outfits look so much better than the white. We're going to be discussing this one on next week's Earth Station One podcast. Should be a lively discussion.


Chuck said...

Bobby, but at least the outfits don't include short sleeves!

Bobby Nash said...

So very true. I hated the short sleeves.

Chuck said...

Oh, and send me the link to the Podcast - always glad to cross-promote (and I want to listen to it, too)!

Bobby Nash said...

ESO is a weekly podcast, usually available on Wednesday or Thursday. They normally record on Monday (I sit in from time to time with them). About once a month we do a show from a local comic book store. This week we're doing that to talk all things Fantastic Four and the new FF book.

Thanks for checking it out.