Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man #153

This issue is the prelude to the upcoming "Death of Ultimate Spider-Man" series that we'll no doubt be hearing more about in the coming months.

(Ah, death - all the heroes are doing it!)

This issue doesn't feel like a prelude as much as a story in the middle. It follows two stories: one in which Spider-Man receives his first lesson in how to be a super-hero; and a cat-and-mouse game between the Black Cat and Mysterio.

The Spider-Man story is the more entertaining, as it involves a lot of hero worship and humorous banter with Tony Stark (we've come to expect great dialogue in a Brian Bendis story) - but the stakes are much higher in the other story, with the control of a powerful object at stake.

The art is something of a mix - four artists are listed in the credits - but the final product is very good, though the story is a quiet one - there's not a lot of action on display.

Still, it's an entertaining issue, and sets up a heck of a confrontation for the next chapter - which may or may not end with Spidey pushing up daisies (though I'm guessing they'll drag that out for a while yet).

Grade: A-


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