Friday, February 11, 2011

The Flash #9

After a couple of issues that focused on members of The Flash's Rogues Gallery, it's nice to see the focus back on the title character.

This issue begins the Flashpoint story, which somehow involves the Reverse-Flash and a mysterious figure who drives a souped-up motorcycle.

Don't flip ahead to that last page or you'll spoil a great surprise as that figure unmasks to reveal - something surprising!

Along the way we get a glimpse of the other members of the Flash family, and it's nice to see them getting at least a tiny amount of face time - hopefully they'll get to be more active in the crossover event that's coming.

This issue written by Geoff Johns is focused on setting up the story. Barry gets involved in a new murder mystery - one that involves a hero I'm not familiar with (I'm pretty sure he was invented for this story, but I could be wrong there).

The art for the issue is by Francis Manapul, and I like his style more with every issue. His art is unique, high-powered and fun. The only artist whose style comes close was Mike Wieringo - good company to be in.

It's too early to judge this story - it's just out of the blocks - but so far, it's off to a good start.

Grade: B+



Jozeph Dukö said...

I was disappointed with this issue, not that it wasn't good, I enjoyed reading it a lot. But (even though I know Geoff Johns is trying to get to Flash Point) we just had an arc about people coming back to the future, this is practically the same thing.

Chuck said...

Jozeph, good point - time traveling stories can be fun, but shouldn't be overused. They're definitely on that line with The Flash.