Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Cold Day for Comics

Here's what I picked up at the comics shop:

- The New Avengers #9 - Hey, it's a Nick Fury flashback!

- DC Universe Legacies #9 (of 10) - Ah, Green Lantern goes mad. How I hated that story.

- Doc Savage #11 - Meeting old friends.

- The Flash #9 - Beginning the Flashpoint story with a few surprises.

- The Incredible Hulks #622 - Clash of the titans!

- Incognito: Bad Influences #3 - Going undercover.

- Next Men #3 - Time-traveling terror continues.

- Secret Warriors #24 - The end is near.

- THUNDER Agents #4 - A Perez flashback sequence to die for!

- Ultimate Spider-Man #153 - Will Spider-Man really die?

- Warlord of Mars #4 - a few decades back, that cover would have been the centerfold in Playboy magazine.

And that's it!


Anonymous said...

Chuck, today I picked up four current comics. That doesn't mean
much to a vociferous reader of current comics like you, but I haven't picked up four current comics in, well, it was the last
I don't know whether to give you
the credit or the blame!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, I should post a warning that comics can be insidious! I keep trying to cut back, and for every title I cut I find at least one other one that's interesting. Of course, I need at least six issues a week for this blog - but it's a rare week that I have to stretch to find six. I probably average between eight to 12 issues a week - which is way down from the old days, but at these prices, I need to be choosy.