Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New Avengers #9

Well, you have to hand it to this issue - it certainly is... interesting.

It's one of those stories where you feel like you walked in on the middle of the movie.

It starts out in 1959 (with some terrific Howard Chaykin artwork) as Nick Fury finds himself on the run from some Nazis hiding out in Cuba.

From there it jumps to the present (with awesome art by Mike Deodato), where The New Avengers are spying on a criminal operation and planning how to take it down.

But we never learn why Fury was confronting those Nazis, and we don't know how the Avengers learned about the mysterious operation led by the woman named Superia. Oh, and they break several laws in trying to stop the bad guys (at least, we assume they're the bad guys).

The end of the story is a shocker, but it seems to come way out of left field, so it elicits more of a "What the--?" than a "Holy cow!"

Perhaps the next issue will bring this story by Brian Bendis into focus - but for now, it's all very fuzzy.

But the art is great!

Grade: B+

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