Monday, November 8, 2010

Ozma of Oz #1 (of 8)

As a longtime fan of L. Frank Baum's Oz, I've been thrilled with Marvel's adaptations of the first two books in that series.

And now, like an early Christmas present, here's the first issue in the adaptation of the third book, Ozma of Oz.

While I enjoyed Baum's second book, The Land of Oz, I have to agree with those readers who felt he'd made a mistake in not including Dorothy Gale in that story.

It's an oversight that is corrected in this book, as Dorothy finds herself thrown overboard during an ocean voyage (she's sailing with Uncle Henry to Australia), and she washes up on the "shore" of Oz.

She has a companion - Billina, a talking chicken. About their adventures (and their amusing debates) I'll say no more, except to urge you to give it a read.

Writer Eric Shanower is a long-time fan of Oz and his enthusiasm shows in his adaptation of the original story - it really has the "feel" of that classic story.

The art by Skottie Young continues to be a pure delight - part innovation, part animation. The characters are lively and delightful, and the scenery is creative, unique and otherworldly (in a great way).

I'm going to keep raving about this series until you rty it, so you might as well give in. I'd hate for anyone to miss this.

Grade: A


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