Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scarlet #3

I'm still having trouble getting behind this comic.

Scarlet is writer Brian Bendis' newest creator-owned work, and it's definitely different from everything else out there. It follows a young woman who sees the man she loves get killed by a crooked police officer.

When the "system" protects the policeman, she decides to change the world by taking on the corruption herself. As a result, in the first three issues of this comic we've now seen her kill three police officers.

We've seen crooked cops in fiction before, and we've seen revenge killings, but the problem here is that we're only seeing part of the story - and as far as we know, only one of those cops was evil.

There's some comfort in the letters page of the second issue, where Bendis answers those same complaints from a police officer - but it doesn't make the story any less unsettling.

One part that is fantastic is the art by Alex Maleev - it's a combination of near-photographic images with a painted style that's like no other. It's amazing work.

For me, the jury continues to be out on this comic (and it's starting to wonder if I'm ever going to make up my mind). For the art alone, I'm hanging around a few more issues. Hopefully, by then Bendis will give us some satisfactory answers.

Grade: B+


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