Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Irredeemable #19

The big problem with a character as powerful as the Plutonian is finding an opponent who can stand up to him. (By coincidence, Superman has the same problem.

Writer Mark Waid has finally accomplished this by bringing in a threat from an unexpected corner - an alien race. To pay off an old debt, the aliens known as the Vespa have returned to Earth with advanced technology.

They quickly go to work, launching a devastating attack on the Plutonian. The planet's other surviving heroes join in the battle, and the results are surprising (although, without giving anything away, we've seen certain events in other comics stories).

Waid has made this issue a game-changer, and it'll be interesting to see where this comic goes from here.

As always, the art by Peter Krause is strong, with intense action scenes, loads of detail and aliens galore.

If anyone thought this series was just going to be an one-note, "evil Superman" series, Waid and Krause have taken this series in unexpected and sometime shocking directions - which is why this comic always pops to the top of my reading stack.

Grade: B+


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