Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ultimate New Ultimates #4

Ah, here's another new issue of Ultimate New Ultimates - the comic with the silly title, incredibly slow publication schedule (it's been three months since the last issue of this "monthly" comic), dopey story and terrific artwork.

You almost get whiplash just reading this comic. You have all this amazing art by Frank Cho, who provides numerous splash pages of massive fight scenes with monsters, heroes and insane amounts of detail. And then there's the story, such as it is.

Writer Jeph Loeb tries to piece together this narrative, but it's mostly just an excuse for Cho to crank out some amazing splash pages. The story is this: Loki has led an invasion army of monsters (and suchlike) from Asgard. The Ultimates are fighting back, but the odds are against them.

And Thor isn't much help, because he's dead. But oh wait, turns out he's not dead yet - but his return to the fray just makes things even more difficult for his team.

And let me just ask - what the heck is up with Thor's hammer? The Ultimate version of the Thunder God wields a hammer that's laughably oversized (which I've written about before). In this issue his hammer looks like the version used by the original (Marvel) Thor. Are they just bringing the character in line with the upcoming movie, or is there another explanation?

At any rate, this issue is all about big fight scenes, lots of screaming and some monologues by Loki. It's not bad, it's just thin. Loki's plan seems based on shaky reasoning, and just the fact that Thor is dead should have cut short Loki's whole plan. But you can't let something like that get in the way.

Once again - the story is lame, but the art is awesome!

Grade: B


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