Friday, October 22, 2010

Batman and Robin #15

Writer Grant Morrison has been weaving a strange and often convoluted story since the Batman and Robin title began just over two years ago. And it looks like most of those plots threads are about to be wrapped up in spectacular fashion.

With that said, heaven help a new reader who picks up this issue cold. You're basically walking in on the last five minutes of the movie here.

But what a conclusion! We have the Joker at his insane best, using Robin against the monsters who threaten to destroy Gotham City. We finally get some hints about the clues behind the apparent return of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father who seems to have faked his own death. We have a drug bringing madness to the population of Gotham, the threat of nuclear destruction and the apparent death of one of the main characters.

And I haven't even mentioned what happens on the last page. (Nor shall I.)

This story isn't for everyone. It's often confusing, sometimes infuriating, and Morrison plays by his own rules. But the story definitely seems to be building towards a major conclusion, and we'll see how these disparate story threads come together at the end (or fail to come together).

I really like the artwork by Frazer Irving - it's a dark, painted look loaded with surreal scenes, horrific images and some amazing layouts and designs. It's perfectly suited to this strange but compelling storyline.

Can't wait to see how it ends!

Grade: A-


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