Sunday, October 24, 2010

Morning Glories #3

You have to give credit to writer Nick Spencer - he just keeps amping up the "strange" factor in Morning Glories.

The first issue had just some glimpses of supernatural things. The second issue featured students in detention who almost drowned in a classroom. But with this issue, things really start getting weird.

The comic focuses on two characters - Casey, the willful and smart student who is doing her best to get to the bottom of some of the odd incidents at the school, and Jade, a girl who finds herself in the Nurse's office from hell.

(Oh, and some helpful advice to students out there: if you're running away from the bad guys, it's generally a bad idea to try to escape through the basement. There just might be bad things down there.)

This comic keeps the streak of strong issues going, as the mysteries behind the school continue to mount up, as we see that the curriculum may have been going on a lot longer than anyone realizes.

There are lots of questions to be answered: Why are the students being tormented? What happened to their parents? What's the meaning of the phrase uncovered in this issue? Do these students have special abilities? Why do they all have the same birthday? Patience is required if you want to follow this issue.

The art by Joe Eisma continues to be strong, clear, clever and intense. The cover by Rodin Esquejo is outstanding, too.

So far, this series has set up a dark and challenging mystery for the reader to tackle. I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

Grade: A-


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