Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Incredible Hulks #613

So it seems the Hulk has two sons out there running around. Skaar has been the focus for the past year or so, as he journeyed to Earth to get his revenge on his absentee father - only to find that the Hulk was actually the, uh, better man.

Now the other son no one knew about is on his way for a family reunion - but there's a difference. Hiro-Kala has no redeeming qualities, having destroyed planets and killed billions of beings - and now he's using his incredible power to bring a planet to our galaxy as he tries to track down the father he hates.

Greg Pak and Scott Reed continue to craft this story as a bi-weekly split book, with half focusing on Hiro-Kala and the other half on the extended Hulk family. It's an entertaining balancing act, with Hiro-Kala setting up his world-shaking plans, and the Hulk dealing with family squabbles with his ex-wife Betty Brant (Whoops! make that "Betty Ross")(Red She-Hulk).

It's an emotional tale, and it's difficult to see how this can wrap up with a happy ending for everyone.

The art by Brian Ching (part one) and Ron Garney (part two) is excellent, loaded with power and emotion.

I'm on record as not being a big fan of the whole "Hulk Family" thing, so it's a credit to writer Pak that he's been able to incorporate the stories of the two sons of Hulk and make me care (especially since I didn't read the mini-series based on those characters).

The writer skillfully brings you up to speed and compels you to keep reading. That's what good comics are all about!

Grade: A-



Gary M. Miller said...

Betty Brant? Really? Making the same mistake as Stan Lee back in the day, are we?;-)

Good review!


Chuck said...

HA!!! That made my day, Gary - it's an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence with Stan. Sadly, we don't give out No-Prizes. I know, I'll use a Stan excuse - it seems Betty Ross' middle name is Brant! How's that?