Monday, September 20, 2010

Brightest Day #10

As the Brightest Day rolls, the focus this time around is on two storylines - Aquaman and the new Aqualad; and Firestorm's deadly secrets.

Both stories are fine, but too brief. As always, you get just enough story to start building up interest, and then the issue's done. (By the way, that scene on the cover? Doesn't happen in this issue.)

After several teasers in months past, this issue gives us some of the details behind the mysterious new Aqualad, an underwater invasion and a showdown between old enemies.

The Firestorm chapter seems designed to amp up the menace factor, as we learn new information about the true origin of that hero, the threat he (they) pose to the universe, and the secret behind the mysterious third inner voice.

The art is pretty solid, though I'm not sure which of the three artists involved drew which pages - but it's a pleasing product and the styles don't clash.

I think the problem with this series is that it's trying to cover too much ground. Even for a comic that's published twice monthly, there seem to be too many storylines going on to keep up with all of them.

Perhaps it would all have worked better in several mini-series, rather than an extended maxi-series.

Still, it succeeds for me because it brings back beloved Silver Age characters - I love seeing Aquaman back in proper form, for example. I also think this is the first issue in the series that doesn't visualize a brutal murder, so that's a step up, too.

Grade: B


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