Saturday, September 18, 2010

DC Universe Legacies #5 (of 10)

You really have to admire the all-star cast of creators lined up for DC Universe Legacies.

Two legendary artists join writer Len Wein for this issue: George Perez and Walt Simonson. That would make this issue an automatic purchase, no matter what.

The main chapter of the book brings Perez back to his most influential assignment: Crisis on Infinite Earths. He also depicts the dark turn the DC Universe took after the death of the Doom Patrol (don't worry, they got better).

For the fifth issue in a row, this title offers a great recap of a key section of DC history as we see the ultimate disaster through the eyes of ordinary citizens.

Perez's artwork is stunning, and he has several chances to illustrate incredible crowd scenes and some old-fashioned action scenes.

The backup feature is drawn (in awesome fashion) by Simonson, and it gathers most of DC's "space" heroes, including (my personal favorite) Adam Strange, Captain Comet, Tommy Tomorrow and Space Ranger. It's a fast-paced bit of nostalgic fun, although the ending is a bit too pat. Still, always great to see those characters back in action.

So yet another outstanding issue in a strong series. We're halfway to the finish, but already I hate to see this series end!

Grade: A



Dwayne said...

Gotta chime in and say I love Perez' art. It's crisp, clean and looks like comic book art. No weird over-exaggerated physiques or faces... And maybe it's because I'm old school, but I love that he still draws comics that show movement and action. That's the way it should be!

Chuck said...

Dwayne, all I can add is: Amen!

Anonymous said...

I thought Ultra, The Multi-Alien,
should have appeared in the DC sci-fi heroes back-up, along with Adam
Strange, Captain Comet, Tommy Tomorrow and Space Ranger, but writer Len Wein gave Ultra a nice
scene in the main story, so it was
all good!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

I'm a big fan of Ultra, and I agree, he should have been in that backup feature. Maybe the Space Cabbie could have given him a lift?