Sunday, September 12, 2010

Green Lantern #57

My first reaction to this cover was, "Green Lantern's sales must be dropping if they have to resort to a bondage cover." (I'm assuming having Star Sapphire wearing a dog collar qualifies as bondage.)

The bigger sin is that this cover scene doesn't take place anywhere in this comic. And its not like they didn't have lots of intense scenes to choose from: we have a possessed and powerful Hector Hammond attacking Green Lantern and Larfleeze; there's the return of The Predator (not the movie version); revelations about that character's true nature; lots of fighting in Las Vegas; and an interesting solution to a big problem.

In other words, this issue is all over the map, with lots of crazy things happening, but none of it really comes together convincingly. Lots of action and destruction, though.

The art continues to be terrific, though Doug Mahnke's work in this issue is made a bit uneven by the fact that four different inkers worked on it. Still, lots of powerful scenes here and great character work.

It's impressive that writer Geoff Johns manages to keep so many stories in play without ever losing the reader - but maybe it's time to focus on whittling down all those sub-plots into a more manageable number.

Then maybe they wouldn't have to rely on sexy covers to sell their comics. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you.)

Grade: B+


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