Monday, September 13, 2010

Doc Savage #6

As I'm mentioned in previous reviews, I've been disappointed in DC's First Wave version of Doc Savage.

The first story arc was a mess, and the art was terribly uninspired (to put it nicely).

But with this issue, I feel a surge of hope.

For one thing, the art by Nik Klein is much more stylish and dynamic - Doc is a powerful figure here, often intense - and while his aides are still not quite as distinctive as I'd like, at least I can easily tell them apart.

The story by Ivan Brandon and Brian Azzarello is also a great improvement, as Doc is drawn into a mystery in the Middle East. A strange, child-like duo send a cryptic mystery to the U.S. Government, but is it a threat or a promise of something more?

Against his wishes, Doc is drawn into the mystery and makes his way to a strange land filled with danger and scientific miracles.

It really does "feel" more like a pulp adventure, and while there are a few improbable events, at least it's moving at a rapid pace and it has the promise of more pulp-style storytelling.

Here's hoping!

Oh, and there's an Avenger back-up in this issue that's quite good, too. Up until this issue, the back-up was the best reason to buy the book. This time, they're both enjoyable.

Grade: A-


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