Saturday, September 11, 2010

Batman and Robin #14

This is an odd little nightmare of an issue.

We begin with a confrontation between the Joker and Robin, one that revives the long-dormant "child endangerment" issue.

We have Batman fighting against overwhelming numbers, and outmaneuvered at every turn.

Commissioner Gordon's in a bad spot, and Pyg's still the most disgusting Batman villain in recent memory.

Mix it all together and you have an insane story, packed full of disturbing moments and grim events. This is definitely not one for the kids.

The artwork by Frazer Irving is quite good - dark and moody and nightmarish - but I wasn't crazy about the story. Kudos for writer Grant Morrison for making the Joker a riveting character again, but the rest of this issue just feels like an attempt at stalling the story while waiting for the return of Bruce Wayne.

Not a bad effort, but the story's still a mess.

Grade: B-


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