Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom #2

So here's the problem with Doctor Solar - he suffers from Superman syndrome.

Which is to say, he's so powerful that (apparently) nothing can harm him. As a result, he approaches each challenge with a bored air about him.

For example, he faces a giant that causes destruction left and right, but its most powerful blow doesn't make Solar blink. The menace at the end of the story would give most heroes pause - but Solar is unimpressed.

It's a fun little character bit, but if the Doc is going to last any time at all, I'd suggest he needs to be de-powered a bit and allowed to have some real human emotions.

The artwork in this issue is an improvement over the first issue, as Roger Robinson takes over the title and turns in some energetic work with bolder lines.

The weight on this book continues to be on the writer, Jim Shooter, who seems to be trying to create a mainstream comic that tackles some bigger questions. But this opening story arc, wherein a writer somehow brings his creations to life, smacks too much of magic. The emphasis in this comic (in my opinion) should be on hard science, not fantasy.

This comic is entertaining, but I have to admit that I prefer the original version of the character. He was a bit on the dull side, too, but he had limitations and used his intelligence to solve problems.

As it stands so far, I'd be happier with the return of that version of the character.

Grade: B+


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