Monday, December 2, 2019

The Philosophy of Deadpool

   I've enjoyed his movies, and I've read his first appearances (back when he was just a mercenary for hire, not a comical icon), but I've only picked up a handful of comics starring Deadpool.

   So I don't bring a lot of working knowledge to this publication, which serves as sort of an overview of the career (and thought process) of the "Merc with a mouth," all gathered under the title The Philosophy of Deadpool.

   It helpfully gives you more than 120 pages of art, gags and highlights from the career of Wade Wilson. 

   I can't really recommend this for kids - there are many shots of dismemberment and extreme violence, but that surely doesn't surprise anyone.

   It's also fun and loaded with inappropriate jokes (and quite a bit of murdery stuff) - any fan of Deadpool is bound to enjoy it!

Grade: B


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