Sunday, December 1, 2019

Shazam #8

   As I've mentioned in previous reviews, the Shazam comic just isn't working for me.

   I keep waiting for it to kick into the next gear, but we're now one year into the series - with eight issues to show for it - and the whole thing still doesn't make much sense.

   Billy Batson has bestowed his magic powers on the kids in his foster family, and together they've been exploring a series of alternate dimensions that are somehow tied together. Meanwhile Billy's birth father is looking for him. Oh, and the kids all got separated and have been thrown into different "lands" - one dedicated to games, one to talking animals (hello, Tawny), one to the dead - you get the idea. And the evil Sivana and Mr. Mind are working with Black Adam to take over the lands... somehow.

   So, like I said, lots going on here. But it's so busy and convoluted that we don't actually care about any of the characters - even Billy. 

   There may still be time to turn this story around and sort it out, though no one will be more surprised than me if that happens. 

   I admit that I miss the days of Captain Marvel, when things were wacky but straightforward enough that you didn't need a scorecard to keep track of the characters and locations.

   The art is nice but the story needs help.

Grade: C+


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