Sunday, April 7, 2019

War of the Realms #1

   Yep, it's time for another Event book from Marvel - and to their credit, this one has at least been building for a while.

    It will apparently (for good or ill) affect almost every title in the line.

   War of the Realms has been in the works for years from writer Jason Aaron, spinning out of a story set up in Thor and The Mighty Thor.

   The evil Malekith has been gathering allies and conquering each of the 10 realms that make up Marvel's Norse-based mythology.

   Now, finally, he's unleashing his armies of ice giants, fire demons, dark elves and assorted monsters on Earth - and it'll take all of Marvel's heroes to stop the invasion (assuming they're up to the job).

   This first issue does a solid job of setting up the series - and the enormity of the challenge facing Earth's heroes - but it also highlights the down side of an Event that uses magic-based characters as the heavies - there's almost no limit to what they can do.

   Still, it's a sweeping concept and the company gets credit for having the courage to go "all-in" on the war. 

   We'll have to wait and see if it all holds together - or falls apart.

Grade: B



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