Monday, April 8, 2019

Marvel Team-Up #1

    Count me as a fan - most of the time - of the original Marvel Team-Up comic.

   It was a fun chance for Spider-Man to work with another hero, with no concerns about continuity weighing things down.

    So I'm glad to see the title return with this issue, which co-stars Ms. Marvel.

   The story by Eve L. Ewing takes an interesting format to tell its story (which I won't spoil for you) - it follows Peter Parker and Kamala Khan as their lives cross at a science lecture at Peter's alma mater, Empire State University.

   Super-villainy ensues and a team-up takes place, along with a climax that manages to be both: 1) well-worn; and 2) lots of fun.

   The art by Joey Vazquez is light-hearted and high energy - a great fit for the story.

   So far, so good! Here's hoping this title sticks around for a long, healthy run.

Grade: B+

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