Saturday, March 16, 2019

Superman #9

   From time to time, comics written by Brian Michael Bendis take an odd turn.

   I think it's something he picked up from reading classic Chris Claremont X-Men stories, where the odd dream or fantasy sequence would be dropped in for no apparent reason.

   This issue starts off with one of those, with the only apparent reason being to give artist Ivan Reis a chance to draw a zillion characters (not that I'm complaining).

   The rest of the issue is given over to the slowly-rolling-out explanation for where Superman and Lois' son, Jon, has been while touring the universe with somehow-still-alive grandfather Jor-El, and why he's suddenly aged several years (he's now more of a Superteen than a Superboy). (The excellent art on that part of the story is by Brandon Peterson.)

   The story of his adventures is a cracking good one, as he's faced with overwhelming odds - and must find a way out of a deadly trap.

   I've had doubts about the wisdom of injecting a super-son into the Man of Steel equation, but so far it's been a very entertaining turn.

Grade: A-


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