Thursday, August 2, 2018

Infinity Wars #1

   After all the buildup, the Infinity Wars (2018 edition) mini-series has finally arrived - but despite the cosmic nature of the threat, it all feels a bit... small.

   That's because so many of the characters are behaving... well, out of character.

   For example, Star-Lord acts indifferently toward Gamora. Doctor Strange brings together a small group of heroes and villains to propose something that is never going to fly.

   And one of my all-time favorite characters, Warlock, is practically invisible.

   Only Loki shows some life as he encounters a huge mystery - and a massive threat.

   Oh, and we learn more about the mysterious Requiem. Which almost makes sense. 

   The art is tremendous - Mike Deodato, Jr., is one of the most talented craftsmen in the business - but the story is off to a very messy start.

Grade: B+



El Vox said...

This looks like a fun comics: Bigfoot on Mars:

I made a video for YT the other day about some of my favorite comic covers:

Chuck said...

Great! Thanks for the links!