Monday, July 2, 2018

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer #1

   It's good to see Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer getting center stage in this new series.

   The story is as straightforward and brutal as Hammer himself. It starts with a rooftop chase as private detective Hammer tries to track down the mastermind behind a murder.

   The wrap-up to that mystery doesn't give Hammer time to relax, as he's propelled into yet another life-and-death case, where his fists - and his pistol - are the quickest solution to every problem.

   The comic is based on a story by Spillane and Max Allan Collins (who also provides the script), so you know it's faithful to the original character. 

   The art suffers a bit from comparison to that cover painting, but it's solid work.

   This isn't a comic for kids, but for fans of hardboiled fiction, you're getting prime source material here. Great stuff!

Grade: A-


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