Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Her Infernal Descent #3

   Who doesn't enjoy a good trip to hell?

   Especially one that involves so many prominent artists (and a few classic writers and actors) brought back to revisit some of their works and thoughts and deeds.

   In Her Infernal Descent we follow an older woman named Lynn who is searching the levels of hell for her children. (She is assured they are in there - somewhere.)

   The fun is watching her interact with different famous artists, trying to work out a series of trades so she can finally land the one item that will allow her to pass on to the next level.

   Oh, and we finally see Dante, whose work forms the foundation of all such stories - he deserves a nod, certainly.

   This isn't a story for kids - more because of the depth of the conversation, rather than the disturbing or adult nature (there's some of that in there, too). 

   But overall it's a clever and captivating story, well worth checking out.

Grade: A-


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