Monday, June 25, 2018

Fathom #1

   For the seventh time, Aspen Matthews is back with another first issue for Fathom.

   The appeal of the series is evident - a sexy, powerful woman who travels the oceans in modest swimwear (you know, like the Sub-Mariner) - but Aspen is a lot like Superman, in that she's so powerful that it's difficult for anyone to actually challenge her.

   Her new creative team includes veteran writer Ron Marz, which is why it's so surprising that this first issue just kind of limps along, content to provide an introduction to Aspen and her water-based powers, a mission for her (someone's been kidnapped) and an odd pause for her to talk about her efforts to protect the environment (which she does instead of leaving immediately to find the kidnap victim).

   On the plus side, the art by Siya Oum is lovely, with great character designs and lush environments. 

   But the first issue of a series - even if it's the seventh go-round - should capture the reader's attention immediately, and this issue falls short in that.

   Hopefully things will pick up with Volume 7, issue #2.

Grade: B-


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