Friday, May 11, 2018

The Immortal Men #2

   This series seems to be determined to get on my nerves.

   That's because The Immortal Men is shaping up to be just another team comic.

   It's well concealed because - well, just about everything about the book is hidden.

   It focuses on a young man who finds himself the target for some powerful creatures, and he's surprised when a bunch of powerful characters turn up to fight the bad guys.

   So you have the big strong one (hey, a female!), the feral wild child, and the brutally efficient assassin (who has a truly unusual and completely improbable power) fighting their way through the story, but we never really find out why.

   Nor do we find out what motivates the bad guys, other than a delight in death and destruction (and there's lots of pointless death here).

   A book about immortal characters should be so much more than this. An examination of how history affects the modern world! The sights they've seen! The people they've met! 

   Instead, it's just lots of explosions and car crashes. 


Grade: C


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