Thursday, May 10, 2018

Maestros #6

   It is no easy task to create a popular series when the protagonist isn't all that likable - but Maestros does just that, and is also mighty compelling.

   Written and drawn with great skill by Steve Skroce, with colors by Dave Stewart, this series follows the (mis) adventures of William, a young adult who has become a virtual god, thanks to the (rather brutal) death of his father and everyone else in line for the throne.

   Unfortunately, he also has gathered up some incredibly powerful enemies, and to save his own life - and that of his loved ones - he may have to turn over the ultimate power to (shall we say) less savory characters.

   It's a funny, dark and powerful tale that offers lots of surprising twists and turns - and by the way, this is not a comic for young readers, as it includes... well, lots of inappropriate things.

    But for the grownups out there, it's a cracking good tale of love, revenge, death, family disfunction, conquest and dealing with the big questions.

   Highly recommended! (For adults.)

Grade: A-


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