Thursday, May 3, 2018

DC Nation #0

   It would be a challenge to complain about a modern-day comic book that only costs a quarter - although with Free Comic Book Day looming, perhaps one could grouse a bit.

   But DC Nation is actually a pretty solid teaser / commercial for upcoming issues of three of DC's biggest books.

   We get a horrific short feature about how the Joker is reacting to the impending wedding of Batman and Catwoman - and given the issue is rated "T" for teens (better bring a magnifying glass if you want to actually see that rating on the cover), it's not a tale for kids.

   There's a Justice League / "No Justice" preview that features lots of lovely art but doesn't really make any sense at all (and seems to be cribbing from some Kirby characters for a certain other company to boot).

   But the real gem is a Superman tale written by Brian Michael Bendis. The story is ok, as it establishes the new status quo for the gang at the Daily Planet - but the real treat is the absolutely stunning artwork by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez! 

   Loved it!

Grades: Batman: B+  / Superman: A / Justice League: B-


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