Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Mighty Crusaders #4

   I'm not sure what to make of the Mighty Crusaders series.

   One on hand, it seems like a solid, updated version of the classic '60s team of heroes. It builds on past continuities (and even references, if in passing, several different incarnations of the original heroes, including the Shield, Fly-Man, Fly-Girl, the Web, the Comet and the Jaguar (among others).

   Judging by the style of the art by Kelsey Shannon (clean lines, clear storytelling, no graphic violence) and the story by Ian Flynn (straightforward action with some nice character moments) it seems like an all-ages story - but then, on page 6, the Comet calls one of the bad guys a "bastard." (Maybe I'm just a geezer to find such language offensive.)

   So maybe it's intended for an older audience - or maybe I'm just being too sensitive.

   At any rate, it's a promising series, and it's certainly great to see these characters back again (there's a splash page at the end that provides some nifty nostalgia for long-time fans), and it lays the groundwork for future adventures.


Grade: B


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