Friday, March 23, 2018

The Brave and the Bold #2 (of 6)

   When I was in my local comics shop this week, I ran into my pal Clint. (How long have we been friends? We were in college together!)

   One of the comics he picked up (and I didn't) was this issue in The Brave and the Bold mini-series.

   I asked him, "Is it good?"

   He said, "I like it. It has Wonder Woman and Batman dealing with Celtic gods."

   I said, "Sounds good!" I asked our Comics Shop owner, "Do you have a copy of the first issue, too?"

   He did, so I picked them both up - and Clint was right, it's a good series with an involved plot using characters that (as far as I know) haven't been included in past stories.

   Liam Sharp is the writer and artist of the series, which has Wonder Woman trying to stop a civil war between mystic creatures, and Batman investigating a mysterious mass hallucination.

   It's a detailed and multilayered tale (both in art and story) and well worth checking out.

   Clint wouldn't steer you wrong!

Grade: A-


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