Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Secret Weapons: Owen's Story #0

   Valiant continues its series of "one shot" issues, each devoted to the backstory of a different member of the new incarnation of Secret Weapons.

   The focus here is on Owen's Story. He has the unique ability to make things appear out of thin air.

   Which sounds really handy, right? But there's a big problem that keeps it from being quite as convenient as you'd expect.

   This is a cleverly-told story by writer Eric Heisserer, with an interesting and amusing framing sequence.

   The art is by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin, and I like it a lot. The color palette is muted, and the layouts and character designs are delightful and inventive.

   This series seems to have flown under the radar - and certainly the characters involved aren't powerhouses in the traditional comics sense, but their stories are interesting, clever and fun to read.


Grade: A-


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