Monday, March 19, 2018

Sea of Thieves #1

   Bringing a video game to comics can be a trick sometimes - and I should admit that I haven't played the Sea of Thieves game - but this issue feels like a solid start to an rollicking adventure.

    As you'd expect from the first chapter, this one is all about introducing the colorful characters who make up not one but two bands of pirates, including ship captains who happen to be twins (but aren't on particularly friendly terms).

   It's centered around a tavern called the Unfired Pistol, where both sides seek a map and hope to find crew members for their ship.

    So you can expect: funny dialogue (check), pockets being picked (check), someone cheating at a game of chance (check), and a barroom brawl where no one is seriously hurt (check and check).

   If it all seems a bit convenient, well, that's the nature of these things. It ends promising even more action next issue - what's not to like?

   If you're a fan of pirates or just action / adventure in general (or the game in particular), this is a good place to be

Grade: B+


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