Monday, January 1, 2018

X-O Manowar #10

   This is an entertaining issue, which is a bit surprising because it has almost no actual X-O Manowar content.

   Instead the issue is all about assembling a team - but not a team of heroes.

   Instead, the mysterious Rawn (that's him on the cover) sets up a series of clever but absolutely merciless jailbreaks to gather the kind of expertise and power he needs for a particularly challenging job (and you won't have much difficulty working out what that might be).

   It's certainly a different issue - all set in deep space and plumbing the depths of these unique creatures.

   The story is by Matt Kindt and the art by Renato Guedes, who provides amazing alien landscapes in a lush painted style.

   This might be a tough issue for new readers to jump on with, but for fans of the series, this is an interesting setup for the upcoming storyline.

Grade: B


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