Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jessica Jones #15

   The most terrifying foe for Jessica Jones is the Purple Man.

   It was true in the original Alias comic, it was true in the Netflix TV series, and it's true again in the latest storyline in this comic.

   He makes a great villain because his powers are almost unstoppable - he can control the will of anyone close enough to hear his voice.

   So when he forces a face-to-face meeting with Jessica, it brings with it a sense of terror - and to make matters worse, he has new powers to demonstrate.

   What follows is an intense discussion, with the life of Jessica's child hanging in the balance.

   It's a story loaded with surprises and tension.

    As always, we get amazing dialogue from Brian Michael Bendis and terrific, intense artwork by Michael Gaydos and striking colors by Matt Hollingsworth.

   The issue brings up another fear, as we worry about what will happen to this comic after the upcoming departure of Bendis? That's all we need - something else to be concerned about!

Grade: A-


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