Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mage The Hero Denied #5 (of 15)

   I can't help it, I smile every time a new issue of Mage The Hero Denied appears. It's that good.

   It's the third (and presumably final) chapter in the story of Kevin Matchstick, a modern-day Pendragon who fights monsters and demons while trying to raise his family and keep his marriage afloat.

   The story is a great balance between myth and reality, and this issue features the return of an old friend - and sad news about another one.

   As always, the art and story by artist / writer / creator Matt Wagner is terrific - dynamic and powerful, even in the quiet moments.

   I can't wait for the next issue - though, paradoxically, I hate to see this terrific series end!

Grade: A-


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