Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jupiter Jet #2

   This is one of those comics that draws you in just with the title.

   Jupiter Jet evokes a pulpish, Rocketeer-type adventure story, starring a stunning supermodel.

   And that's what you get - well, sort of.

   Jupiter is actually a big-hearted, normal-looking girl who is trying to follow in her family's heroic tradition.

   The problem is, her gear isn't quite working right - and her engineer is a 10-year-old who thinks he's a genius - but isn't quite there yet.

   So as she struggles to learn the ropes (and get her equipment to cooperate), the criminal element is trying to track her down and put an end to her irritating meddling.

   It's a light-hearted, breezy work that's a bit rough around the edges, but has a bit of charm about it.

   I'm all for heroes learning on the job, but this story leans just a smidge too much to the "inept hero" side. Jupiter has a lot of heart, and she's fighting to do the right thing. She shouldn't have to fight her own equipment, too - although it is played for laughs.

Grade: B


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