Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Classics - World's Finest #151

   As the first (or at least most prominent) super-hero team-up, bringing together Batman and Robin and Superman in World's Finest doesn't really make sense.

   Superman is all the powers; Batman is a "regular" guy. Superman crushes coal into diamonds; Batman dusts for fingerprints.

   There is, rationally, nothing that Batman can do that Superman can't do better.

   And yet they worked together as the World's Finest team, with Superman supplying the muscle and Batman and Robin the brains. (Perhaps Superman was just humoring them.)

   I have nothing but fondness for this series, and usually manage to pick up an issue or two when I visit conventions - even if they're often silly.

   This issue, for example, gives us the heroes after they've been exposed to an evolutionary ray that gives Batman the brain of a man 800,000 years in the future (thus the huge head), and turns Superman into a caveman.

   This means, of course, that Batman becomes evil (that's what intelligence does to you, kids) and Superman reverts to the "me stupid" stage.

   What follows is mostly silly stuff, but it's lighthearted and fun. Robin doesn't get to do much this time around, but any story that features Krypto saving the day is ok in my book.

   It's not a great comic, but it's entertaining.

   Heck, even when they fight I like these guys.

Grade: B-



Hoy Murphy said...

I have a fondness for World's Finest, too. It was one of the first series i bought as a kid because, both Superman AND Batman in the same stories! That was before I discovered Justice League of America, which was good but didn't have the friendliness of the WF team. I'm in the process of reading the earliest stories in the WF Archives. I've read the first two and am getting ready to read the third, which should bring it up to when I started reading as a kid. I love the Dick Sprang artwork and the silly-but-entertaining stories by Edmond Hamilton and Bill Finger.


Chuck said...

Yes, the Dick Sprang era is the one I remember most fondly. And you're right, there's a sense of friendship in this series that you don't always get in that era's Justice League - of course, with so many characters, there wasn't much room for anything but plot. i always liked the Flash - Green Lantern Silver Age issues for the same reason.